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Brain Games: The Good News & The Bad News

Hope for your aging brain.

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I like to start my day off with the Good News! Remember the saying, "Use it or lose it?" Guess what? It's not only true for our muscles; it's true for our brains, too! Our brains can keep growing and learning even late into life. Top neuroscientists at explain brain plasticity as "the brain's lifelong capacity for physical and functional change [and] is the core concept underlying the idea that actively exercising the brain can lead to healthier and better functioning brains. By regularly challenging our minds in new ways, we build up the biological and cognitive reserve necessary to always perform our best."

Exercising your amazing 3 pound universe on your shoulders aids in longevity as well. Several significant studies show an association with a mentally stimulating life and increased health and freedom from neurological disease. This means it appears that leading a mentally stimulating life can help ward off a disease such as Alzheimer's.

The Bad News? Most people hate to exercise ANYTHING much less their brain! The crowd is a different bunch. You will work your minds. Here are some great resources, fun tips and exercises for your mind:

1. Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better: Citing the intellectual greats of da Vinci, Edison, Ben Franklin, and Einstein, as using their brains, we typically only use 10% of ours! I'm so ready to access the other 90%. These tips are simple such as shaking a leg to increase blood flow, taking a nap, and turning out lights. These really work (Yes, I HAD to try them :). Check these tips out at this link.

2. Lumosity brain exercises: These are a blast! When I first heard of brain exercises, the association with homework popped into my head, but these are totally interactive games and they are fun! There is even a FREE activity where you can test your own Lumosity IQ. Check it out. Have fun and build brain muscle at the same time. Each time I took the IQ test, I hoped it would go up and it did! There is no limit on how many IQ test runs you can make LOL.

Charge ahead into your future with confidence that, if you exercise it, your brain will be able to lead the way! Now, isn't that good news?

If you would like to comment about some ways you exercise your brain, I'd love to hear from you!


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