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Creating Your Niche

Figure out how to combine your career and your interests

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One of the most rewarding questions that I am ever asked is, "What do you do?" The answer allows me to introduce myself, and my profession, and also to expand the career horizons of others, especially since what I do is relatively unheard of in the city in which I live.

As a doula, I work with women at all stages of the reproductive continuum, from preconception through to the postpartum period. I also offer social services and linguistic translations as necessary, and can offere a variety of diverse addendums such as spa days, babymoons, and baby showers.

So, when I say that I am a doula, I really am offering a woman a wide array of services to assist her in the transition from woman to mother. Many other doulas in my position offer basic services, or have a set package of so many visits, so much time. Thanks to fabulous community connections, some hard work and creativity, I am able to think outside of the box and provide another level of appreciation to my clients. This also means that I have less stress and a more positive outlook on my career than most doulas starting out!

So, if you are stuck in a "traditional" career, here are my tips for making it tailored to your skills and interests:

1.) Find out how you can combine your career and your interests. I am trained as a doula, love to knit, and speak other languages. Combining these interests -- holding a knitting group with other linguistically similar women -- yielded baby hats and blankets for my littlest clients! A friend of mine is an accountant and does graphic design for fun; her illustratiions of important accounting principles was turned into a company pamphlet that is given to each recruit.

2.) If you are bored, try taking a course in something new. Don't worry about how it will fit into your job, that will come later. The important thing is to stimulate your creativity. You can figure out how juggling will improve your skills as a CEO later.

3.) Commit to change. It is not always easy to do it, it may make you uncomfortable, but the results, even if you do not succeed are worth it! I wanted to learn how to ride bicycle. I signed up for the class, paid the money -- then chickened out at the thought of making a fool of myself in front of others. Then, I realized that I was cheating myself out of learning something that will be to my benefit for the rest of my life.

4.) Today, do one thing differently. It can be something small, like wearing a color that you never wear, using neon paper for the company newsletter, or changing your route to work. Shake it up! I used neon postcards for my company incentives and the response was fantastic!

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  • I love your article! I can relate a lot to the state of mind which involves CHANGE and I know exactly how that feels.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorena on 7th May 2008