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Follow Your Changing Dreams!

Changing careers at any point in your life

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I was turning 40 by the time I was seeking my first job in the field of law. I went on interviews with much trepidation. Much to my surprise and joy, my age turned out to be an advantage. Prospective employers felt that my age would give clients more confidence in my abilities. They believed that many clients would feel more comfortable with a more mature associate rather than an associate in his/her twenties.

I accepted a position with a small firm which practiced only family law. Eventually I became a partner in the firm and continue to practice at the firm. I employ the skills I acquired as a graduate student in counseling on a daily basis. I in no way feel that I have not lived up to the promise I made the Program Director when I agreed to work in counseling. My graduate degree only enhances my skills as a counselor of law.

Recently I've noticed that I am becoming more and more involved in tangential areas of my practice. At this time I'm not sure whether this will lead me down yet another career path. What I do know is that the best gift I ever gave myself was the right to ask myself: What do I want? rather than: What is expected of me? I have come to recognize that following your dreams should be a right, not a luxury. The happier you are with yourself, the happier your partner and children will be.

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