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Treadmill or Dust Collector?

Ensure your success with lowering cholesterol, controlling high blood pressure, and weight loss by knowing how to achieve change.

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Helping relationships. Turn to your support system. Don’t get overconfident and think you do not need family and friends behind you. Keep them in the loop with the progress you’ve made and identify new ways they can help you move towards your goals. Now is a time to consider signing a “contract” with yourself to reinforce your commitment to change. Have your family and friends be witnesses!

Stimulus control. Be aware of triggers for reverting to your old habits. What safety mechanisms can you put in place to negate these triggers? Start replacing old behavior triggers with something positive. For example, place your goals where you will see them daily -- like on the refrigerator. Keep gym shoes by the front door. Create reminders at work, such as tennis shoes under your desk for a lunch-time walk. Always be on the lookout for stumbling blocks and be prepared to brainstorm ways to overcome the hurdles.You are doing great! Maintenance is just around the corner.

Bottom Line: During the action phase, you make your goals a reality. Now is not a time to get cocky. Hurdles will frequently pop up and you need to be ready with strategies to overcome them. You will have some bad weeks. Step back, evaluate what is keeping you from regular activity, and figure out a solution. It may take some trial and error before you find the right solution for you.

Now, about that treadmill -- you have it and it is dust-free! Tackling change is hard and determining exactly what steps you need to take can be confusing. By recognizing that change has identifiable steps and strategies, you can use this knowledge to move forward and achieve your goals!

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