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Keys to Successful Weight Loss

Make real lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals

by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN  |  3060 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

Lifestyle changes become a natural part of your routine. In the beginning, weight loss does require some focus as you find ways to create a calorie deficit. The key is to build the new actions you are taking (diet changes, exercise, etc.) into a habit. We know the most effective way to create a habit is to set goals and take action repetitively over and over until it feels like a normal part of your routine. You may need to change strategies once in awhile if your current path isn't working well in your lifestyle. Focus on the areas of your diet and exercise that could use some tuning up and then do these things repetitively. This is a way to create a new normal way of eating and hence the words lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes have to be something you can do on your own. Following someone else's plan is only a temporary fix. In my 10 years as a dietitian working in this industry I have never witnessed or heard of someone following a strict meal plan long term. It would be truly difficult to do as it takes away personal preference and choice. The trick is to learn how to meal plan on your own. Those tricks that the professionals use to make those meal plans are something you can do on your own. It isn't as difficult as you might think. It is also very important in order to be able to make lifestyle changes. You have to know what you are doing first. When you have this knowledge you can plan your meals anytime, anywhere within an appropriate calorie level. Planning is important.

Making true change takes some focus, practice, tweaking, and then it becomes much easier and part of your routine. When approaching any part of your life where you want to change habits give yourself the space and support to allow all these steps so you can reach your goals.

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Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian, and a columnist for Work It, Mom! and the founder of Real Living Nutrition Services, an online weight loss program that empowers people to make small changes s

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  • That's the problem with most people when they try to lose weight. They try a "diet" and then when they lose, they go back to eating poorly like they used to. Most "diets" aren't designed to be able to be followed permanently. You have to overhaul your eating lifestyle. I remember when I was getting my training certificates we were always told that food is 70% of your results for losing weight.

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