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Why don't women help women more often?

4 reasons why, and 4 ways to stop the cycle

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Kerrie Halmi of Halmi Performance Consulting specializes in increasing women’s success in business through speaking, coaching and facilitation. Kerrie has over fifteen years of experience in the Human Resources field with such clients as eBay, Bank of America and Kaiser. She received her MBA from the University of Michigan and is certified in coaching with Corporate Coach University International. She originally wrote this piece for Excelle.

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  • I've encountered this consistently in my career -- women not helping each other, competing with each other, more successful women refusing to mentor or help out younger, less experienced women. I'm trying really hard not to engage in this terrible dynamic as I get more senior in my career, but this really saddens me. When we talk about the glass ceiling imposed on women by men I think we should also remember that many issues that women face re not advancing as quickly/significantly in the corporate world are caused by women themselves.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 21st May 2008