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Changing Expectations

Why our adoption wasn't a second-best choice

by Dawn Friedman  |  4112 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

While we waited I felt almost gleefully lucky. I mentally hugged myself in excitement as we worked through our homestudy and crafted our profile to share with expectant mothers. I felt like the most fortunate woman in the world to get to become a mother two different ways -- once by birth and once by adoption. Maybe it's not what I expected but, frankly, my life as a mother has been far better than I could have ever predicted it would be.


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Dawn lives and writes from her home in Columbus, OH. Her work appears in magazines including Wondertime, Utne and Brain Child; she has been blogging at This Woman's Work since 2001, and also blogs for Anti-Racist Parent and manages

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  • Dawn this is a great article. I love the idea of presenting it as an expectations issue. A lot of the reading I've done for my masters project (some of which I think you referred me to, now I think of it), is about narrative theory, and how infertile women manage their autobiographical narratives (or don't) to accommodate that very change in expectations you refer to.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kirsten on 30th May 2008

  • That's a really beautiful way to put it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 28th May 2008