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Working Together, We Could Make Zillions!

There is much power in numbers, so we should all commit to supporting one another

by Ally  |  4303 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Lately, I’ve really been fascinated with numbers.

This fascination has grown recently, I imagine, from creating my own internet-based company. The infinite numbers to be comprehended are literally incomprehensible -- and fascinating at the same time. These numbers give me enormous amounts of optimism and frighten me at the same time. In fact, this number game is what ultimately what led me to create the concept for my business,

It must have been about seven months ago that I was lying awake one evening after my family had gone to bed. I imagined that there must be zillions of parents across the country who were thinking the same things that I was. Perhaps zillions had also left their corporate day jobs to discover that staying home was by far the better way to go. Maybe zillions of new moms also took that leap of faith, spoke to a zillion husbands and said, “I am going to start my own company and work from home so that I can stay home with the kids,” which prompted a zillion panicked faces on a zillion different men. These zillions also were soon to learn that it would be twice as much work as they’d ever expected, but would vow to make it work for the sake of their families.

If there really were zillions that lay awake the same way I was, going through the numbers over and over again like it was some kind of riddle to be solved, then that was at least a zillion connections I wanted to make. Were zillions of us really choosing to take but a fraction of our previous income for double the amount of work? Yes, this was THANKLESS work, with no sick pay, no paid vacation time, no group health benefits, and no company lunches paid for -- and yet, we’d chosen this new role as if it was the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had for ourselves, and it made us feel a zillion more times at home. Were we all just insane?

It was thoughts like these that made me realize the power in numbers. If there truly were large numbers of parents out there just like me, I could certainly use their friendship and their support. In exchange, I’d be happy to lend mine. More than that, I wanted to make a pact with all of these parents: “I’ll buy your stuff if you'll buy mine.”

Easy enough. Now where would I find these parents? It shouldn’t have been difficult to find them with zillions of pages of information available at my internet fingertips, so I decided to begin looking each time I made a new online purchase. I searched. And searched. And searched. Every time I made any purchase online, I put in an extra keyword “parent” to narrow my search and pull up a vendor who was working from home to afford the opportunity to stay home with their children. I became more and more shocked at how difficult this was, and it frustrated me. I KNEW there were parents out there who would love to sell me their shampoo, just as much as I’d love to buy it from them! It shouldn’t be so hard to find them!

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Ally Loprete is the Co-Founder of, an online directory of self-employed parents across the country. Ally's focus is to help expose parents working to create a better life for their families and her mission is to educate consumers on the value of purchasing from the small business owner. Ally is passionate about inspiring parents to connect with one another, and will often write about the brilliant ideas that seem to come to her only in the shower or while blowing her hair dry.

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  • What a great idea, and long over due. How is it working out for you? What is the response for the advertizers?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Dr Christopher on 23rd June 2008

  • Great idea! I started a clothing line with my sister online, to stay at home with kids but be creative and hopefully make money. I will check out your site to narrow our searches for things we want to buy in order to help out other moms doing what we are doing. Great idea!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by bPattee on 23rd June 2008

  • This is such a great idea. I think that you should be commended on the site - it is beautiful, easy to navigate and affordable for the stay at home business owner. well done!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sandra beck on 20th May 2008

  • Ally, this is such a great idea. I vist ourmilkmoney on a regular basis. keep up the good work

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cathy - Reay Solutions on 20th May 2008