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Cultivate your family's awareness about the earth and its resources

It's an easy way to start going green

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7.) Bring your own bags. We derive considerable peace of mind by bringing our own bags to the grocery store. Many stores offer their own inexpensive brand reusable totes, or if you wish to have something a little more chic, check out Reusable Bags; they have a great selection of shopping, produce, and lunch bags, as well as reusable bottles.

8.) Rethink your commute. Commuting car-free can be difficult if you live off of public transit, but consider carpooling, or driving to the nearest transit station that has a day lot. For errands, consider walking, biking, or taking public transport instead of using the car. Laurel has become a big fan of riding the bus; it has proven a neat way to talk with her about different ways people can move from point A to point B.

9.) Reduce paper mail. I am a huge fan of GreenDimes (which I reviewed earlier this year), an inexpensive online junk mail reduction service. Yes, sometimes the catalogs are pretty to look at, but at the end of the day, the reality is that I don’t tend to shop based on paper catalogs; I just shop when I want to (for better or worse…). Also, get on the online bill paying train to cut down on paper waste in the mail.

10.) Make your dollars count. Consider even a small donation to an environmental organization (but ask them to not include you on their mass mail distribution to save on the follow up paper flyers). Also, more and more eco-conscious retailers are sprouting up where you can make your shopping dollars count. For example, Ecoist is a cool place to get handbags and accessories made from recycled candy wrappers and recycled movie billboards, and they plant a tree for every item they sell.

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  • I don't want my kids thinking that the mall is the only place to hang out in. This early, we'd like to encourage them to spend more time in the outdoors--like the beach or in parks. We're thinking of putting a pergola in the garden so that there's a place for them to hang out in. They're still pretty young, so I think it'll be easy for me to get them out of the house (and hopefully, away from the computer when they get older).

    Here's the pergola I'd like to buy:

    I'm quite excited. I think it's going to be fun!

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