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Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

You don’t have to be a professional pastry chef to make these cakes!

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One of the most memorable parts of a child’s birthday party is bringing out the cake with its glowing candles as the party guests and guest of honor ooh and aahh. My childhood album is filled with pictures of me blowing out the candles on my birthday cake. And what makes it extra special is that most of those cakes were homemade creations from my mom and grandmother.

With just a little imagination, your child’s birthday cake can be part of a memory that they won’t forget. What little girl doesn’t like princesses and Barbies? If your child is having a princess party or Barbie theme, create a cake that all Barbie fans will love. Use a dome-shaped pan or bowl to bake the "hoop skirt.” Invert the cake and make sure it is completely cooled before frosting. Ice and decorate the “skirt” in any color and fashion. Find an old Barbie doll or purchase an inexpensive Barbie-size doll from a crafts store or a dollar store. Remove the legs and push the Barbie into the top of the “skirt.”

Another fun girl’s birthday cake idea is a castle cake. You will need a square cake pan, gumdrops, colored sprinkles, four sugar cones, and plain m&m’s. Once your square cake has baked and cooled, ice the top and the sides. Carefully apply icing to the outside of the sugar cones and roll in a plate of sprinkles. Place the sugar cone “towers,” open side down, on the four corners of the cake. Place gumdrops along the top edges of the cake between the towers. Use the m&m’s to create doors and windows around the sides of the cake.

A totally unique cake that works great for older girls is a purse fondue cake. For this recipe you will need a fondue pan and skewers, enough pound cake for each guest, chocolate and various fruits. Buy frozen pound cake in the freezer section of your local store. While it is still frozen, cut it into approximately one inch cubes. Place the cubes in the shape of a square (this will be the purse shape) on a large, flat platter. Cut up bite size pieces of fruit. You can use strawberries, apple, oranges and whole grapes. Place the fruit in a “handle” shape above your cake cubes. You can also place fruit in two inch lines below the cake as fringe. Cover and refrigerate. When you’ve heated up your fondue pan and chocolate, the girls can place pieces of the “purse cake” on their skewers, dip in chocolate and eat!

So try one of these creative cake ideas for your child’s next birthday party and create memories of a lifetime.

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