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Breathe New Life Into Your Resume

Think of it as an essential marketing document

by Roxanne Ravenel JobSearchCoach  |  4129 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

This means that each cover letter and resume sent should be unique to that employer. Keep your basic cover letter and resume saved on a computer or disk so they can be easily adapted before being sent.

Now that you’ve gotten the employer’s interest by tailoring your resume to their needs, it’s time to keep them reading and motivate them to action.

3.) Create an emotional response. Evaluate the impact your resume will have on potential employers. If it is simply a laundry list of past job duties or it is filled with overused resume clichés it will not resonate with the reader. Employers scan dozens of resumes with the same worn-out wordage: Highly professional. Excellent communications skills.  People person. Team player.

It is easy to see how these overused words and phrases quickly become meaningless to employers and recruiters. Instead of resorting to unoriginal phrases, give the employer specifics that will evoke a response, preferably ones that can be quantified. Compare the following phrases:

"Possess strong customer service skills" vs. "Earned company-wide customer service award."

"Team player" vs. "Delegated daily projects for five-person team."

"Sales oriented" vs. "Increased customer accounts by 20 percent in six months."

The first phrase offers generalities while the second presents specific examples that clearly define your value and resonate with potential employers. Providing concrete benefits tells employers what they can expect and it is more likely to move them to action.

If you are preparing for a career transition or actively engaged in a job search that isn’t getting results, it may be time to breathe new life into your old resume. If your resume isn’t getting you noticed, it’s time to administer CPR.

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Roxanne Ravenel is a Job Search Coach, the author of The Savvy Jobseeker's Guide & Workbook: Five Steps to a Simply Successful Job Search and the host of The Savvy Jobseeker. She teaches job seekers to become improve their resumes, strengthen their interviewing skills, and implement a customized self-marketing plan. Visit to learn more. Copyright © 2008 Roxanne Ravenel

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