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Life According to Kobe

Life Lessons taught while watching the NBA playoffs

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I never thought that I would be one to use sports analogies to communicate life lessons, but there I was watching the NBA Western Conference Finals, telling my two toddlers (5 and 2) about life according to Kobe Bryant.

We can debate until we are blue in the face about Kobe’s reported cockiness, arrogance, selfishness, and primadonna attitude. But at the end of the day, he has that wicked combination of 1 percent inspiration and 99% percent perspiration. And, in a weird and surprising way, that was the life lesson I wanted to convey to my children.

Unlike most other talented individuals, Kobe does not rest on his God-given talents. He is able to parlay his talents to reach the pinnacle of his field (albeit basketball) because of hard-work and focus. He was always the first one in the gym, and last one out. He was always the player that pushed and pushed for perfection on the court when other mere mortals would have been satisfied with “good enough.” And when the game comes down to the wire, few other athletes (perhaps Tiger Woods) are able to shut out the world and maniacally focus on the task at hand.

So strangely enough, that's the directed drive and work ethic that I want instilled in my children. Whether they decide to be a basket weaver or a Andean goat herder, I want them to find that passion and develop a relentless drive to be the best at that endeavor. Too often, we (myself included) become complacent with our jobs, our relationships, with our lives. It’s when we find our passion and devote the sweat and tears to it that truly great things happen.



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Sophia is the mother of 2 young children and also a full-time Web2.0 entrepreneur. In addition to being Qlubb's CEO,she has now started a new school year as a room parent to both of her children's classrooms.

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2 comments so far...

  • Archi, actually, I 100% agree. As a product of parental "pushing" I was unable to find my passion and my inner drive until much later. After many years of resentment and going through the motions, I am still trying to figure out it all out. What I probably should have said was that I want my children to discover what they love and work hard at it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MommyEntrepreneur on 4th June 2008

  • To have the kids such attitude inculcated id surely good, but don't you think pushing it too hard can make it difficult for them???

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Archi on 4th June 2008