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Transitioning Into Life with a Nanny

Six tips for making your new caregiver feel at home

by Whitney Baker  |  5577 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

If it is close to a holiday, think about giving your nanny a small gift. Even if you simply bake cookies with your kids, this gesture shows the caregiver how appreciative you are of his or her efforts. It also serves as an example of how your children should treat this new person in their life: if you treat the nanny with this respect, your kids will do the same.

Encourage your sitter to try out adventurous activities with your children. By suggesting trips to the pool or afternoons at the park, you show the nanny that you trust him or her with your children and thus immediately pass along a sense of responsibility that will be acknowledged for both the caregiver and your children.

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I work as an assistant at the Lillian Nanny Agency (, a firm in Nashville that matches nannies with local families. If you have any questions about finding a nanny or maintaining the relationship with your nanny, feel free to contact Heather Dubuque at

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  • This is great. I'd been both a live in and love out nanny and am now in a position where I've had to hire one. Nannies aren't your best friend by any means but they become part of the family and it very important to treat them that way. And, as a mom that works from home, it's important for me to let the nanny, and children, know that she's in charge when she's here. Defer to her, get here help, etc., etc., and that empowers her to take charge and be confident and comfortable. Thanks for posting this!

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