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Starting a business, Part II

So you've created a business plan. Now what?

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In a previous article, I talked about the first step I took along the path of creating my company, A plan is all very well and good, but what's next, you might ask?

For me, what came out of that business plan was a bunch of bulleted points, which were tasks to start the process. I had listened to a great audio tape which spoke about procrastination around that time, and one of the major "ah-ha" moments I got from those tapes was to break things down, because often the reason we procrastinate is we don't even know where to begin.

My list was simple: create a business card, develop a small web site with my web portfolio (which was all of two sites at that time!), pick a likely group, and send an email blast out to them.

Step one and two done, I tackled number three. I was speaking to a friend of mine who ran a business creating marketing materials for Real Estate Agents, and I figured with her help (read:  contact list!), I had a start.

I didn't know anything about real estate, except for my experience buying and selling two homes, but I did understand why it would be a good market to start. All real estate agents could use a site, most had a limited budget, and most had no technical skill to product themselves.

So I wrote a very personalized email to each one, and I got several responses. I was on my way!

Developing a niche market of websites for real estate professionals has evolved a long way from that point, but the point of this article is the notion of starting small. With some experience and knowledge, you will be able to evolve your idea into an expertise.

The portfolio of sites, along with the expertise, has grown my business into a successful one. I don't typically even market myself -- my sites are out there for all to see, and I get daily requests for information on my services.

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