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Child Abuse Is Everybody's Business

A Mom's Call To Action

by Heather Cabot  |  2998 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Child abuse is everybody's business.

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Heather Cabot, Founder & Publisher, The Well Mom

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  • I would argue that just as important as the willingness to call DCFS, is a willingness for us to step forward and offer help. Most cases of abuse occur because the adults in the situation are stressed and in need of help themselves. If friends, relatives, neighbors, or even strangers, are willing to step forward and offer help, then a call to DCFS may never become necessary.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sandra Tayler on 2nd July 2008

  • What people need to realize is that they don't need proof positive to call in abuse. They simply need to suspect abuse and call it in. Social services or other authorities are the ones that can then determine if the abuse is in fact real. Further, people can call in anonymously unless they are a mandated reporter (teachers, daycare providers, medical staff, photo developing studios, etc).

    Also people need to realize that abuse isn't always obvious. Sometimes there are no marks. But again you don't need proof. So if you think a child is being abused or neglected, call and let the trained authorities do their job.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Leslie Truex on 30th June 2008