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5 Steps to Style

Turn over a new leaf!

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So, you've decided that it's time for you to begin paying attention to what you wear, and what your appearance says about you. Let me guess, you read a magazine article, or saw an old friend from high school who reminded you of a time when life was less complicated. You remembered how stylish you used to be, and now -- two kids, a pair of keds, and a light blue denim skirt later -- you wonder what happened.

Well like most of us, life happened. As things become more complex in our lives it seems like our personal care takes a back seat. Though time has become a precious commodity, we must not forget the importance of self maintenance. I mean, think about it... Don't you feel better when you put on lotion and perfume? What about when you get dressed to go to a nice dinner with friends, or maybe date night with your significant other? Yes, now you're remembering the feeling. So how do we begin to reclaim our style?

By using the big "O." Yes, you guessed it, organization. Before we begin our fashionable journey, we must get organized. Here are five steps to get us started.

1.) Examine your current system. All things need to have a place. If you look in your closet and there are shoes everywhere, scarves on the floor, and a lone sock here and there, it's time to get it together. You need to get some storage. Usually small, clear plastic containers work wonderfully for storing out-of-season clothes, shoes, and accessories. I like using the top of the closet for storage since it's usually roomy and multiple things can be stacked there. If you don't have room on the top shelves, then pick an area of the closet floor for storage.

Make sure that the things in your closet are age appropriate, fashionable, and figure flattering. If any of the pieces in your closet do not possess these three features, they need to be discarded.

2.) Examine your lifestyle. Your wardrobe should be reflective of your life. For instance, if at least 50 percent of your life is spent working in a corporate environment, then 50 percent or more of your wardrobe needs to have suits and coordinating pieces. If you are a stay-at-mom, then most of your clothes can be casuals. However, the casuals need to be chic. I offer these three rules for putting together casual outfits:

  • Only wear cross training shoes for working out.
  • If comfort is your concern replace clunky, fat heels with something more feminine like a wedge or kitten heel.
  • Stay out of men's clothes. They are not cut for women, thus they make us look frumpy and shapeless.

3.) Let the organizing begin. Now that you've made some executive decisions about your wardrobe, let's put things in their place. Go through every nook and cranny, then reorganize it. Start discarding things you don't wear anymore or that are unsightly, and start putting the rest in some sort of order. Maybe you have your items organized by color (lightest to darkest), or maybe they are categorized by lifestyle (suits in one area, jeans and skirts in another). The system you choose should be easy to maintain.

About the Author

Akili Worthy is a Certified Image Consultant, and a Master Certified Life Coach. She is the CEO of Figure 8 Image & Wardrobe Consulting, a company that addresses the needs of women/teens size 12 & up.

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