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7 Secrets of Highly Successful Work-at-Home Moms

by Ismary Leon  |  8000 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

We take on more than we can comfortably deliver in an unconscious desire to impress others, get ahead, and keep up with other’s expectations. Meanwhile, our top priorities go unaddressed.

To become a successful WAHM and creating your desired lifestyle, you will have to get comfortable at saying NO to all the people and distractions that would otherwise devour you. Successful WAHMs know how to say NO without feeling guilty.

4.) Maximize your time. When that baby or toddler is sleeping then I recommend you run to your office. The best time to accomplish tasks that need to be completed is when the little ones nap. What might take you two hours to finish with the kids awake will take you only 30 minutes while they sleep, so if you can, always plan on making phone calls and working on things that need your undivided attention when the little ones are napping. This one is pretty mom-common sense, I don’t need to elaborate further.

5.) Ask for help. You can do anything but not everything. It is so important that everyone in the household contributes. A family needs to work as a team, you should not be doing everything yourself. Delegate household chores to your husband and your children (as long as they are old enough to help). Laundry, dishes, sweeping, organizing, dusting, cooking, etc... all these things are not your sole responsibility.

As children get older you will be amazed at all the things they can do. My 8-year-old, for example, washes dishes, sorts the laundry, cleans countertops, makes our bed. My 7-year-old vacuums, dusts, picks up his toys, makes his bed as well, and my 6-year-old and my 1-year-old loves to throw toys in the toy basket! Start early on to teach your kids to be organized -- the reward is huge!

And if this isn’t your situation, then just take it one step at a time. Don’t give your kids a long list of chores and expect them to run off and get them done. Start with one thing like making their own beds for two weeks, and once that has become a habit go on to another task that they can do. Do this over and over and your kids will become the best help you will ever know or have!

6.) Where’s my bubble bath? Practice good self care. You take care of everyone else all day long but don’t forget you need to take care of YOU! Without you at your emotional best, even the smallest thing can turn you into a walking time bomb. Take the time to relax in a bubble bath, read a great book, get a massage, get a pedicure, take a walk alone, or whatever helps you to clear your mind and focus on you. You are the most important part of this equation!

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Ismary Leon is a Work At Home Mom that is dedicated to helping other women achieve their dreams and to empower women to be multi-dimensional success stories. If you would like connect with Ismary you can visit her blog at; to learn more about how she can help you visit

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  • Wonderful suggestions. Especially agree that you *must* work when your child is napping/asleep for the night. One exception: if you're totally exhausted, take a little nap first.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 8th July 2008