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Breadwinner moms admit stress

Our survey of 400 primary or only breadwinner moms reveals how they feel about their roles

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Here are some comments from this part of the survey:

"My husband hired a housekeeper biweekly to shut me up about his lack of participation."

"The most frustrating part of the arrangement for me is that my husband really believes he does more. We actually fight about it."

"My husband is a true partner. Does the laundry, cooks and takes care of the kids. He's a great dad."

"I clean more--I'm better at it. He shops and cooks. He does most of the laundry. I handle morning routines and drop-offs he takes the evening shift."

Overall, it was refreshing to see that many breadwinner moms were happy with their role and felt empowered by it. But reading through survey results and the hundreds of comments respondents wrote in makes it hard to deny that the majority of breadwinner moms feel stressed at one time or another about their role. As one mom wrote:

"I enjoy working, and don't think I'd ever not work, but less stress (since I'm the primary breadwinner) on keeping my job (especially these days!) would really rock."

We'd love to hear your reactions: Are you surprised by the findings or are they what you expected? If you're the primary or only breadwinner, how do you feel about your role? Sound off in the comments!

1 comment so far...

  • Just what I expected. What pisses me off is that even though the women are the breadwinner, the men are still lazy and don't contribute to doing household chores. If it were the other way around, the society would tell the women she has to be the one to do all the household chores because the husband makes more money. This has to change. Men got to start contributing more.

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