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To network or not to network

Is this even a question nowadays?

by Lorena  |  3258 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Over 90 percent of the consumers cite "Word of Mouth" as their most influential source of information when buying products and services. You get the picture.

So far, no new news. But think about this: How do you generate word of mouth? How do we know which voices will bring credibility to our product/service and which ones will not?

Like with any marketing tactic, word of mouth should be well thought and planned for in advance. In the end, no surprise is the best surprise in marketing and in business.

Here are a couple of key things you should think about when planning for your word of mouth activities:

1.) A happy customer tells 3 friends about her experience; an angry customer tells 300 people about her experience. Strive to keep all your customers happy if you want to succeed.

2.) People who have had a positive experience with your product are your best messengers. Don’t settle for the low-hanging fruit when it comes to choosing the voices who talk about your product/service. Go with the best -- your happy customers.

3.) Good news travels extraordinarily fast. Go the extra mile with your clients, make them extra-happy first and then reward them again for telling their story (about your product/service) to their friends. Don’t try this the other way round!

4.) If you are thinking that paying people to talk about your business is a good idea, consider this: for each 100 people who get paid to generate word of mouth for you, there is only 1 credible voice. Don’t waste your money on paid “positive opinions” – go for the real ones.

5.) Fish where the fishes are. When you spread the word, make sure that the word gets to your potential customers.

6.) Any good news needs a channel (media) to travel. When you receive great feedback from your customers, ask them to allow you to share their testimonial with other potential customers.

7.) Less is more. It is not how many voices talk about your product, but how credible they are and who’s listening to them.

How are you planning for your word-of-mouth marketing? Are you getting new customer referrals from your biggest fans? 

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Lorena is a VP Director of Marketing who calls herself a marketing communications addict with an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to relentlessly learn and do great things.

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4 comments so far...

  • You are so completely correct. Networking is one of the most important marketing strategies. Now there is an organization that was designed just for women. It is new, and in its first 120 days it launched over 100 locations in 28 states. It is built on the female endocrine system and women really love it. So for every women who knows how important networking is, there is a great new fun solution to your networking needs. It is called The Heart Link Network. Check it out at Women love it.

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  • Dear all,
    Take a minute to leave a comment (provide feedback) after you read my article. This way, I can learn about what you liked about it and what you didn't, as well as what are the things you'd like me to talk about in my next articles (related to marketing, sales & networking).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorena on 27th July 2008

  • You are sooo right Giazz! I cannot agree more.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorena on 23rd July 2008

  • I say networking is the best thing for any business. I have been networking more and more regarding the Renaissance Faires and so far, so good.

    I say positive thinking also helps your customers and helps keep them coming back. You want to always go the extra mile if you possibly can.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Giazz on 23rd July 2008