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Ambition Is not a dirty word

You don’t have to choose between your ambition and a fulfilling personal life

by Dr. Debra Condren  |  4473 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Every day, ask yourself the question posed by Mary Oliver in her poem, “The Summer Day”:

Tell me, What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

You owe it to yourself—and your kids, and the world—to make the contribution you were born to make. The world deserves to hear from you.


Psychologist and career advisor Dr. Debra Condren is the author of, amBITCHous (Random House), a woman’s guide to earning her worth and achieving her dreams—with integrity. Ask Debra a question now at: Or:

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Debra Condren, Ph.D., interviewed 500 women for her book, amBITCHous, a woman’s guide to redefining ambition as a virtue, not a dirty word, earning h

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    Flag as inappropriate Posted by llzzmm on 4th July 2011

  • This was perfect timing for me. Thanks! I've been going through a "mini guilt trip" over my youngest child: "Did I read to him enough?" "Am I giving him the same amount of attention as the first one?" I am working more hours and engaging in my private practice much more than I was doing 8 years ago when his oldest brother was in kindergarten...but I'm going to make it work:)
    There seems to be a lot of conflict within the working mother/stay at home mother community, and it is almost entirely put upon us by ourselves in our own heads! We need to skip the guilt as you suggest and embrace out ambitions!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rosanne Rust on 1st November 2007