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The power of the ripple effect

How one life, one choice, can change the world

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There isn’t a person alive who would not like to think that their life has made a difference in the life of someone else.  We hope to positively impact our friends and families and maybe even our neighbors and co-workers. The truth is that many of us will never know the full extent to which even our smallest of actions may have a lasting impression.

On July 4th, 2008, I was on the bank of the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts, along with more than 500,000 other people celebrating this country’s birthday.  This was also the 35th birthday of the Boston Pops' Fireworks Spectacular and performing live at the event were the Boston Pops and Rascal Flatts.  As I sat there and listened to music piped through speakers along the Charles, I could not help but wonder: What would those men be thinking today if they knew what the signing of the Declaration of Independence would do?  Over 200 years later and this country is so much more than it was on that day when nine colonies out of 13 voted in favor of this new democracy. 

Then I wondered if they had any idea when they held the first Boston Pops' Spectacular in 1974 that it would become this big of an event, not only for the people who attend in person but to the millions who join via live telecast. 

It became very clear to me in that moment how much one action, even a ripple as small as a smile, can continue to grow into a wave of change.  Who knows where we would be as a country or if the impact of the freedom this country represents would be the same had those men not created the Declaration of Independence.  Not only crafting it, but their willingness to sign their name and take action toward creating the life they wanted to live.  That act has given us a lifestyle that still to this day people from around the world want to experience and be apart of. Could they have ever imagined its impact?

The first concert on the Charles River for the 4th of July was held to revitalize the concerts at the Esplanade. Today it is a nationally televised event an icon of Independence Day.  The idea of one man, Arthur Fiedler, turned into an event at which at least one person from each state in the United States was in attendance.   On this particular night, on stage performing was the band Rascal Flatts, which had started out with three guys doing what they love and playing music in bars and clubs.  There were times they said there were only the three of them and two other people in the place.  Then in the early 2000s with their release of two albums their lives changed forever.  They are multi-platinum recording artists and live their dream everyday.  They recognize that the life they live is possible because of the fans that support the music they love to play.  The fans in turn are impacted in ways the band may never know through the music and lyrics. 

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