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Do You Know Your Body Mass Index Number?

Achieving a normal body mass index can help you stay healthier and avoid disease

by Rosanne Rust  |  2469 views  |  3 comments  |        Rate this now! 

People must want to lower their risk for disease. They must choose to change their eating and exercise habits, but some support will certainly increase their success. There is no doubt that maintaining a healthy weight through adulthood is not easy, but prevention is much easier than losing a large amount of weight. Both can be achieved with the right guidance and support.

Rather than getting depressed about your weight, calculate your BMI instead. You may not be far off the healthy goal. Instead of setting a “dream weight”, set a goal is to get your BMI within the normal range.

If your BMI, or that of someone you love, is creeping toward the overweight range, now is the time to do something about it and seek some professional help:

  • Seek the advice of a trained nutrition professional such as a registered dietitian (RD). An RD will help you decipher all the information out there. While most people know what it takes to lose weight (less calories in, more calories burned) doing it is a challenge, otherwise almost a third of the country would not be obese.
  • Do something now. Obesity increases the risk of disease tremendously. Trust me diabetes and heart disease are not friendly diseases. They slowly debilitate or kill. Even if you need to lose forty pounds to get to that healthy BMI, losing ten or twenty pounds can really help. It will bring blood sugars down to normal range, and will reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, both additional risk factors for heart disease.
  • Obesity also takes its toll on joints. Knee and hip replacements can be prevented if body weight is in the normal range. If you have a family history of arthritis, diabetes or heart disease, you really do want to take heed and lose weight if you need to.
  • Seek the help of an RD to guide you to a new path of healthy living. Choose your RD like you would your doctor. Everyone has a personality, so find someone who you can easily work with and who you “click” with.
You only have one life, and it can be a lot more enjoyable if you can stay healthy, mobile and free from disease.

About the Author

Rust, is a registered dietitian who provides online weight loss counseling as a licensed provider for Real Living Nutrition Services®. Go to for more information.

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3 comments so far...

  • Hey there MaryP! The formula should work- math!:)
    You take your weight (lbs) and divide it by your height squared (inches) then multiply by 703!
    the metric formula is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.
    You are so right about activity! Americans simply have a "park by the door" mentality.
    Move it or lose it!:)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rosanne Rust on 16th October 2007

  • ahh yes, my BMI is far too high - and i have been up and down my whole life. Right now i am in an up period, but heading back down LOL! i was freaking out about the whole yo-yo thing (though i dont crash diet, just eat better/exercise and it magically falls off - amazing) and then i read that yo-yoing really has no long term affect as long as you eat right/exercise. shocking, really. if only it were as easy to DO as it is to say/write!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 1st October 2007

  • I read this week that the average American walks 74 (76?) miles per year. Per YEAR. That works out to less that 400 yards per day.

    These people are doing no more walking than it takes to get from their front door to their cars, and back again. They must be driving to the corner store, driving to pick their kids up from school (4 blocks away), driving to do every single thing.

    Imagine the good that could come if we made a rule that we never used our cars for a trip of less than half a mile? Half a mile is a 10 or 15 minute walk - if you're in any kind of shape at all. Not so much.(Never mind all the good it would do for air quality and your household budget!)

    (That formula isn't working for me. I'm getting numbers in the hundreds! I must be doing something wrong!)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 28th September 2007