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10 simple steps to transcription business success

Get the skills you need and then put them to good use!

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7.) Submit email queries and complete online applications. National transcription companies may not always post their openings, so email them! The worse they can say is, “No, thanks.” If the company has an online application, be sure to follow their application procedures; for instance, some require you copy and paste your resume into a dedicated box, still others require you send your resume as an attachment to a separate email address.

8.) Blast your press release to local newspapers and the chamber of commerce. If your city has an official website, they may “highlight” a hometown entrepreneur -- that could be you! There’s also numerous online media release distribution services such as, and just to name a few.

9.) Organize your home office space while you’re waiting for the projects to flow in! And, flow in they will! Just be patient, continue marketing and don’t give up!

10.) Peruse additional information and resources. They can be found in abundance online or at your local library. Knowledge is power, and the more information and resources you utilize, the more likely your business will succeed.

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