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What the heck is in this stuff?

Common skin-care terms and what they really mean

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6.) Noncomedogenic: This means that the ingredients have not been proven to clog pores. What is the problem with mineral oil? We’ve used it for years, right? Well, mineral oil clogs pores. When looking at possible skin care options, make sure that mineral oil is not in any of the products.

7.) Fragrance free: Did you know that fragrance is the number one allergen? If your skin is sensitive you may want to use a product that is fragrance free. The only issue with having a fragrance free product is the smell of the ingredients. Fragrance is sometimes added to mask the smell of chemicals or other additives. So your fragrance free products may have an unusual scent. Make sure you check the sell by date to rule out the possibility of using an expired product, and if there is no sell by date, check with the sales rep.

So, now what? Now you can discard the skin care system in your bathroom, if you aren’t happy with the results, and you can look for a new one. It shouldn’t be hard to find something, but be careful when trying new products. Pay close attention to the way your skin reacts. If your skin begins to look or feel worse, the product is not working for you. If you start using a prestige skin care line (one sold in department stores, or through an independent consultant) you should have the option to return products if you are not fully satisfied. 

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Akili Worthy is a Certified Image Consultant, and a Master Certified Life Coach. She is the CEO of Figure 8 Image & Wardrobe Consulting, a company that addresses the needs of women/teens size 12 & up.

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