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40 is the new 30 -- let's celebrate!

Great gift ideas for a great milestone

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We have all heard that 40 is the new 30.  With many celebrities turning 40 like Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Hurley, Brooke Shields, and Diane Lane, women aren't afraid of the big 4-0.

Turning 40 isn't middle aged any more, so there is nothing to be afraid of.  No need to worry about those dreaded waistlines or matronly clothes.  Women are turning to the gym and spas to keep their look and coming out with a dynamic attitude.


At age 40, we know so much about ourselves that fashion has become a friend. Women know what works for them and their body.  We have a personal style and can wear clothes more confidently. 


Age is becoming a state of mind.  It comes as no surprise that women in their 40s are looking better than ever.  Let turning 40 be a time to celebrate and show everyone who and what you are all about. 


A 40th birthday is a time to celebrate, so when choosing a gift for someone celebrating their 40th birthday, let it be a gift that captures the spirit of the individual. Here are some great gift ideas:

1.) Jewelry. Jewelry is a perfect gift for any birthday, but can make a meaningful gift idea to celebrate a milestone birthday.  To add a special touch, personalize the jewelry by having the gift made with the correct birthstone.  Not only do women love jewelry, but they especially love knowing you took the time to select a gift made just for them.


2.) Spa gift baskets. Help her keep her youthful glow with a spa gift basket.  Normally these types of gift baskets are filled with exfoliaters, moisturizers, and fun spa gifts.  And now you can find spa gifts with bottles of wine or special chocolates.  When selecting these gift baskets just remember to choose a basket filled with all her favorite things.


3.) Humorous gifts. If you want to choose a humorous gift idea, choose one that celebrates youth rather than a being over-the-hill.  Now you can find collectible Pilsner glasses, collectible shot glasses, funny tea bag collections, and even kits that celebrate women in unique ways.  And who wouldn't love to receive a cookie basket or lollipop basket that has a birthday theme?  Once again, it's important to choose a gift you know she will love.

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