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Save what matters by delegating what doesn't

People who won't delegate are just making excuses

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So I wrote list items like:
  • A few treats for kids -- stuff that looks fun to eat
  • 6 things that are microwavable that I didn’t think of
  • Dinner stuff. Surprise me
  • Fruit that’s in season. 4 servings

The food I got was healthy, appropriate, and fun. (Thank you, Kelly). And this brings up overlooked benefits of delegating: You get to see things done another way, you learn from someone else about what is available, you get to have a surprise. If you are not a control freak, these are good experiences.

You spend so much time food shopping. Don’t tell me it is an integral part of your family life. It’s not. Sitting at the table together is what’s important. You don’t need complete control over what you eat. You probably don’t have the luxury of controlling as much as you are trying to control. And for most of us, the way to preserve and celebrate what is most important in life is to off-load what is not.

Look at your life for the things that are not at the core. Admit that the core is small. Question everything you think you need to do yourself. It comes down to how much are you willing to give up control, and how much you value your time.


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