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Back-to-school fitness plan

Your kids may not be the only ones who have grown and changed over the summer

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3.) Give your kitchen a once over. Your workouts are only half of the fat loss battle. What you are eating is the other. It will be extremely difficult to stay on track and see fast results if your kitchen is filled with junk. Toss the chips, cookies, candy, ready-to-eat boxed meals, sugar-laden cereals, etc.

4.) Do something different. Summer shcedules tend to create habits that get in the way of out fitness goals -- from sleeping in, to skipping a workout if it is too hot or too pretty outside, to indulging in one too may summer treats. If you just begin by identifying one habit you created this summer and replace it with a habit that brings with it positive results, then you are moving in the right direction.

So instead of talking yourself into sleeping in again tomorrow, just think of how much more you can accomplish by waking up 10 minutes earlier -- having that time just for you. Put these four tips into action and you will kick start your back-to-school fitness plan, making this all about getting Back to YOU.

Take the action that will allow you begin losing one to two pounds of fat per week. What an impression this will make as you get involved with the new events this school year has to offer -- and the memories you help to create with your children are priceless!

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