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Laughter IS the best medicine

Kids say the funniest things...

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In the spirit of friendship, I thought it might a good time to bring a little humor to the matter. Yeah, we’re sending our daughters off to college and the big unknown, but SURELY there is something we can laugh about. Right?

Have I mentioned yet that I am a teacher? Have I mentioned that I am a kindergarten teacher? Well, let’s just say that being a k-teacher is the most wonderful thing in the world. Not only do I get to teach them to read, write, yadda, yadda, yadda, I also get to have SEVERAL good belly laughs each day. I mean I laugh so hard sometimes I have to leave the room. (Good thing I have a para and a student intern each year.) So, I think this is a great time to revisit the funny stories I have tucked away. These stories are from this year, and from my room. Enjoy!

Keegan: Mrs. Patrick, Did you just get your haircut?

Mrs. Patrick: Well yes, I did! Thanks for noticing.

Keegan: I like it. You look just like my great-grandma.

Mrs. Patrick: Gee, thanks. I’m glad I spent $50 bucks on it.

In a reading group today we got on the topic of allergies and one of my girls said, "Yeah, my dad is allergic to my mom's hair spray. Every time he gets near her he gets an allergic erection." Needless to say I replied, "Do you mean reaction?" And she said, "Maybe, it was something like that."

Ian: Mrs. Patrick. I pick my nose all the time -- but don't worry, I always wash my hands!

Ryan: Hey, Mrs. Patrick, look at my shirt. It glows up in the dark!

Jeffrey: (After using one of our olive-colored crayons) Hey, Mrs. Patrick, I call this color poop green. Cause, last night when I was...

Mrs. Patrick: Stop, Jeffrey. I don't need to know more... 

Stephen: My coat is invincible! See, you can wear it inside out if you want. 

Julia: Hey, Mrs. Patrick, my Grammy has a necklace like that (a cross) but hers has a dead guy on it.

After working with our teacher helper, and our intern, David would keep mixing up their names. One morning he just said, "I get you skinny women all mixed up."

David: Hey, I know all the people that are veterans! There's the army, the navy, the air force, and the submarines!

At the math station, Mrs. Dinunzio was in charge of the dice. She noticed there was a booger stuck on the die from John's finger. He picked if off, and she told him to go wash him hands.

John: I'll just put it in my pocket.

Mrs. P.: Any of you can grow up to be president of the United States if you were born a US citizen in the United States.

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