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Systems = Freedom!

5 reasons to embrace and commit to your systems

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I have a sticky note in my office that says "Systems = Freedom." I have become an avid fan of systems. I used to be rebellious of systems, as though they would take away all my creativity and spontaneity. What I have found is that they give me the freedom to be creative, enjoy life and keep me enjoying my business! Nothing is worse than waking up one day and realizing that you've created a successful business but it's over taken your life and you are afraid you can't maintain all these great marketing vehicles. We've all faced that -- gotten caught up in the excitement of launching a new newsletter, blog or podcast only to realize that we have to keep it going for it to have real impact!

Here are five reasons for you to embrace the idea of looking for and commiting the initial time to develop systems:

1.) To grow your business you have to grow your capacity. This is a fundamental truth. If you want to grow bigger -- get more clients, sell more products, work with larger (or more) high-paying clients -- then you have to increase your capacity to get more done in less time. This doesn't mean that you personally have to learn to do more work. The first place to start is being willing to look at the areas in your business, specific projects, tasks, and the giant never-ending to-do list and see what you can delegate and what you can let go of. Many people get stuck right here because they aren't willing to let go. I can guarantee if you don't let go, you won't grow!

2.) Creating systems gives you valuable creative time. One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is they don't have enough time to write the article or the book or the create their new information product. When you create systems for those things you do over and over again, you free up time which you can use for getting those creative projects done. For example, I have a lot of clients who start out creating their own newsletter. They are doing the graphics, the layout, finding the photos, and writing the articles. They are struggling with making things fit and making the layout looking professional. This could easily become a full day project. If you spend all your time here you'll run out of steam for finding inspiration to write the article! It actually depletes your energy, and it will keep you chained to your computer doing routine work instead of getting you out there thinking about and creating that new product! You want to be doing work that keeps your energy flowing!

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