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Regaining your passion for life: The second secret

Symptoms not the cause

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So did you take me up on my challenge from last time? Did you give yourself permission to have what it is that you want out of life? How does it feel? What -- you say you didn’t do it? Let me guess, you allowed that long laundry list of reasons (no I guess I should say excuses) stop you from getting what you want. As I have said many times, the choice is yours -- you either choose to make changes or you choose to stay stuck. What will you choose?

Maybe secret number two will give you the incentive you need to make the changes. Or if you took me up on my challenge, congratulations, you are well on your way to regaining your passion for life.

As promised... the second secret is "Symptoms not the Cause: Getting out of your Story." We all have our stories and these stories support our actions, so we often times feel justified in how our life looks and why we don’t have what we want. Many call this being the victim. The first step in getting out of your story is being aware of your story. Let me explain.

We all have our stories. What does your story look like? Your story is probably the symptom and not the cause of why you don’t have your heart’s desire. By working with the true cause, fear, you can eliminate the symptom and you can have all that you want.

Let me give you an example. One of my clients came to me because of her overwhelming feeling of jealousy. She felt uncomfortable with her husband’s friendship with one of her friends. She truly believed that was what she needed support with. Unbeknownst to her the jealously was only the symptom not the cause for her feelings of insecurity. Through the coaching sessions she was able to uncover the cause -- fear of being alone and the symptom, jealousy, went away.

I challenge you to push past your story and uncover what it is that you are truly afraid of, could it be fear of failure, fear of being alone, fear of embarrassment. Once you have identified the fear you can begin to work on the real issue and begin setting the foundation to have all that you desire.

Having a hard time deciphering the difference between your story and what is really going on? Are you ready to face fear in the face and get to the real truth? Not able to do it alone then ask for support by signing up for a sample coaching session today. Let’s unravel your story together.

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Lisa Fredette is a CTA Certified Life Coach, RCI Licensed Relationship Coach and owner of Passionate About Life Coaching;

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