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Remembering to “not forget”

6 tips for keeping your mind sharp on the job

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It’s not uncommon to forget where you’ve placed your keys, for some even your car, but recently I’ve been examining the forgetfulness of colleagues and myself at work. Given that we’re not doctors, forgetting a name or a task doesn’t translate into life or death, but it can become a strike against you when up for a promotion or being considered to take on new projects. So I decided to research this further to find tips for minimizing this in my own life. Here are a few of my favorite memory-enhancing techniques:

1.) Make a list. The act of writing something in itself helps promote retention. And if you forget, at least you’ve got a reference.

2.) Organize. Even something as simple as putting your keys, sunglasses, etc. in the same place is helpful.

3.) Read. It’s a workout session for the mind.

4.) Learn something new. It’s said that whenever you learn something new, the brain creates new connections.

5.) Play games. It stimulates the brain.

6.) Exercise. It increases blood flow all the way up to the brain.

As I write this, I’m reminded of the Memory game that I played as a child and the statement that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Let me know your favorite ways to stay sharp!

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