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Finding time to scrapbook

You can find time to work on that project

by Mary Brosch  |  2118 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

I meet a lot of moms, and a lot of moms who say, "I just don't have time to Scrapbook anymore!" Well due to necessity and utter desire to finish my scrapbooking projects, I have come up with several ways to fine the time to scrapbook.

1.) Lay out pages. When you do have a larger block of time to work on your projects, do some prep work. Divide your pictures into what you think will be pages. Pick out the paper, stickers, or any other embellishments you want to use on that page. You can even crop the pictures and mat them at this point. Do as many of these "pre-pages" as you can. When your time is up, stack them up and put them in craft folders. (A clean pizza box works pretty well for short term storage. Next time you go by the pizza place stop in and ask for one... they might not even charge you for it.)

2.) Crop your pictures in the car. When my family drives to the lake, I usually take a stack of pictures that I need to crop and a small paper trimmer with me. As we drive I crop pictures. I put all the little paper scraps in a small plastic bag. You could also do this as you are waiting in the drop off line at school.

3.) Take it with you when you travel. I frequently travel for work and I just hate wasting time. When I am on travel I think of the millions of things I could be doing at home. My friend suggested I take my scrapbooking with me. So I did. I have a small tools bag that I take with me (sometimes packed and sometimes carried on) leaving the scissors in the luggage of course. I take my PowerLayouts box (a Creative Memories product) which is much like a pizza box, but made of hard plastic which is full of my prepped page layouts. I get tons of pages done in the hotel room at night.

4.) Go digital. I have really started moving along on my products since I have added digital tools to my scrapbooking. I take my laptop almost everywhere with me. So if I have a spare moment or two, I can pull up my scrapbooking program and work on some pages.

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