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Healthy eating is a family affair

11 tips to get your family with the healthy program

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5.) Try cuisines from another country. Traveling around the world with food encourages children to expand their palates.

6.) With children, it is important to remember that nutrition is cumulative. While it is important to offer foods from all the food groups at each meal, don’t worry if your child doesn’t eat them all at each meal. Look at the nutritional intake over the whole week.

7.) The less processed the food, the better for you it is. An apple, an apple juice box, and a slice of apple pie are not created equal from a nutritional standpoint. Help your child understand the difference.

8.) Encourage eating enough to satisfy hunger and give our bodies fuel, but don't eat until you are uncomfortable; again, not eating for the sake of eating. My 3-year-old puts it the bes: ”My tummy says it can’t fit anymore food.”

9.) Try to make available to children the foods they are allowed to snack on all the time and you can call them “anytime foods.” The foods you would prefer your children to consider “sometimes foods,” make less available in the kitchen/dining area.

10.) Never skip meals. Children should have all three meals and two snacks a day.

11.) Water. Offer it. Encourage the consumption of it. Children need water. Really! Really!

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