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Mompreneur on the move!

An interview with Kim Maksymuik, co-creator of Chatterbox Games

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What advice would you give to other moms trying to run a business from home?

Pick something that you like -- you are going to have to work at doing it. It’s hard to make that time. Make sure you really want to work from home. There is no one there saying “you have to do this”. Approach it like a business. And have a plan -- having no plan can lead to failure.

Do you have any plans for other products like the Chatterbox?

We are planning a classroom edition for teachers, a Manners and Civility edition, and editions for adults as well.

Kim is offering a special discount for all my readers. Visit and enter “Clever Solutions” in the discount field to receive $10 off your Chatterbox.

About the Author

Holly Amarandei is the owner of Clever Solutions Coaching. She specializes in helping busy entrepreneurial and professional moms balance their home and work life.

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