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Mompreneurs are real-life wonder women

10 ways to help you "have it all"

by Christine Janssen  |  3168 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

9.) Manage the troops. The key is to develop some sort of system that clearly delineates when you are in “mom mode” versus “work mode.” To avoid endless interruptions from children when working from home, try this… I recently read about a woman who gives her children a “visitor’s ticket” each morning, good for one visit to mom’s office that day. This encourages kids to save all their questions, stories, and woes for one visit, versus interrupting you every five minutes. Once they use their “visitor’s ticket,” they know they won’t be able to bother you until the end of the day when you return to “mom mode.” This is a great trick that will help you stay focused, but will also teach kids some good values – time management, encouraging resolutions of their own problems, understanding and respecting mom when she’s in “work mode.”

10.) Bone up on business education. The Small Business Division at Capital One and Victoria Pericon, founder of online resource, have jointly created a list of tips on entrepreneurship to help guide mompreneurs who might not have a business background. To earn what they dubbed a MomBA, they suggest educating yourself in the following five areas: innovation, finance, marketing, the Internet (particularly the Web 2.0), and the art of multi-tasking. Thankfully women are experts at multi-tasking, so that leaves you with only four other principles to master.

There is a definite parallel between launching a business and raising children. They both need to be created and regularly nurtured. They both must take baby steps before they can run. Leverage your strengths as a woman, be it great organizational skills or relentless passion and enthusiasm. Be patient with yourself and those around you. Don’t lose site of who you are and what you want from your life. Boldly tell the universe what you have to offer. Spend less time worrying about all the things you have yet to do, and congratulate yourself for all that you are and all that you have accomplished already. Yes, you can have it all.

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Christine Janssen is the Founder and President of denken Research & Consulting, a boutique consulting firm in New York that provides end-to-end market research and writing services to small businesses, including start-ups. She is also a Doctoral Candidate at New York University, where she is completing her dissertation on women entrepreneurs. She blogs at

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  • As mother of 6 and a serial mompreneur I have to say that while being my own boss is challenging at times, it is far easier then working for someone else!
    I have a schedule with some no change time of work (3x week 9-11) while the rest of the time is fluid so I can make softball, soccar, pottey and work in the class room when needed. I also work when to kids are in bed 9-12m
    While I have a huge motivation to succed in my businesses I have a bigger desire to enjoy my childrens childhood so I look at everything I do in my business as laying a foundation so as my children get older and are out of the house more with friends and school I have more trime to grow my business
    I have also dimissed the idea of balance..instead I strive for harmony...creating a wonderful life song for me and my children

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