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You don't have to start your own business in order to work from home

Examine your skills and find your options

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9.) If your skill is typing, you may want to consider transcription services.

You'll need to have great English and grammar skills and be able to type about 75 words per minute. You can scroll through job listings and see what the requirements are over at

Still can't decide? The Anti 9-to-5 Guide has some great information for anyone seeking to escape the cubicle, and Bootstrapper's great list of mistakes people make when starting their freelance careers should be required reading.

Regardless of which market you decide to explore, be sure to do your research -- there are many, many scams out there. Dory Devlin wrote a great article for Work It, Mom! about how to avoid work-from-home scams, and Consultant Journal offers tips for avoiding con artists. (Be sure to check out Work It, Mom's Quick Tips on websites that provide legitimate work from home opportunities.)

Expect to work hard and revamp your plan for work-life balance for a while. Don't expect to get rich quickly. And don't despair -- it is possible to work from home without having to launch your own company!




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