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Hitting on your kid's teacher at back-to-school night?

Single mom seeking an explanation, please

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Hitting on your kid's teacher at Back to School Night? One single dad did it. Dad's House, a single dad blogger and friend of mine, recently posted an entry, "Hot for Teacher."

His blog title got me for sure, and I clicked right away:

"At Back to School night this year I had my antenna up for any single moms who might come my way," writes David Mott, author of Dad's House.

That night, he visited seven different classes, where teachers gave 10-minute presentations.

"Then I walked into one class, and the teacher is a hottie! I could barely think straight. How old was she? Screw it, old enough. Was she married? She had a ring on, but it was silver and from where I sat it could have been something to ward off men in a bar."

He wondered: "How could I ask her out? I could try talking to her in between classes, but there would be parents leaving the room and new parents coming in for the next period. We wouldn’t be alone."

So, he wrote note: "You’re quite attractive. I’m divorced. If you’re single…"

You'll need to read Dad's House to find out what happened.

I was shocked. If you want to hit on the mom of a kid at your child's school, go for it. But hitting on your kid's teacher? No way!

Do you agree with me? Or do you think I'm being too uptight?

A few parents, however, cheered him on. They said how brave David was to pass the teacher a note. They were sure the teacher felt flattered.

I disagreed. Dating your kid’s teacher? This is crossing way too many boundaries. Let her be your child's teacher — her role is to educate your kid — without expecting her to get hot with you after grading... No, no.

"I would have NO problem dating one of my kids’ teachers," said Dad's House. "But I wouldn’t want my kids to know about it until the school year was over."

One dad asked if he worries about his kids reading his blog. "I know my own kids would be mortified if I dated one of their teachers!"

Dad's House said that his kids have no interest in reading his blog. "They don’t want to know about my dating issues. Think back to your own high school days -- if you’re like me and my friends, the thought of your parents having sex may have revolted you!"

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