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How to Find "Me" Time On the Busiest Days

Admit it. You've fallen into bed at night with that feeling...

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You hurried all day, shuttled the kids, ran the errands, worked hard. You got things DONE.

But in the rush of the day, YOU got a little lost in there somewhere.

If only you could have a few uninterrupted minutes to take care of yourself without everything falling apart.

Lying there at night, you think about the next day and realize you don’t have time for yourself tomorrow either. You’re exhausted just thinking about it. 

How do you carve out a little “me time” when there’s so much to do?


Hint: “Me Time” is Not Actually About Time

Truth is, every working mom would love a whole day to herself—but we can get reenergized on a lot less. Feeling taken care of is less about the time you spend doing it and more about what you do.

Have a plan. Identify exactly which kind of activity will recharge you. And when those extra 10 minutes show up, do it!


How to Customize Your “Me Time” For Maximum Benefit

In my 20 years of work in the field of self-help, I’ve found 4 different Type of moms. They’re energized by 4 different types of activities.

When you identify which Type of mom you are, you get the key to reenergizing yourself in half the time.


Light, Upward Type 1 Mom: These women express a random, effervescent energy that moves randomly through life. They prioritize their children having fun and are drawn to activities that allow them to connect socially.
  • Type 1’s best “me” time: Give yourself something to look forward to. It can be a fun event at the end of the week, or even just a phone call to a friend later in the day. Of all the moms, you love surprises the most, so be open to them.


Fluid, Flowing Type 2 Mom: These mothers express a gentle, subdued energy that moves steadily through life. They prioritize their children feeling comfortable and are drawn to activities that allow them to quietly unwind.
  • Type 2’s best “me” time: Connect with your emotions. Take a few quiet minutes alone to think, write, read or talk about your feelings. The three minutes you take to be quiet will make you infinitely more effective the rest of the day.

About the Author

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and author. Her fifth and latest book, The Child Whisperer, gives adults eye-opening tools to understand and honor the children in their lives.

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