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Gap in employment? Don't sweat the job interview

What to do if you don't know what to say about your time away from the workforce

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2.) Differentiate between the facts of your situation and the negative emotional judgments you're making. You might want to ask a friend or a coach to help you make the distinctions.

3.) Put away the negative emotional judgments for the rest of this exercise.

4.) Working with the facts of the resume gap, craft a two to three sentence response to an anticipated inquiry. The response needs to be truthful, yet it does not need to include all of the details or the background story.

5.) Make a plan for what you will do with the negative emotional judgments, so they don't take over your job search experience or show up inappropriately during an interview.

It's much easier to decide how to describe a resume gap in an interview after you've had the chance to fully explore the facts and your feelings about it on your own. Too often we grip our "baggage" tightly, never putting it down and definitely never talking about it. But when we do this, we lose perspective about its significance and what to do about it.

It's possible that the situation you're worried about or embarrassed about might not be difficult to explain at all. Share your baggage with someone else to get an objective take on it and what your options are.

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