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Tips for finding the best work-from-home job or business

Make sure you love what you are going to do

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You may be considering a way to work from home, a way to make more money, or a way to cut your commute.  You can find a job that will allow you to work from home or you may just want to go it on your own, starting a business.   

Here's some tips to find the best way to work from home.  Most businesses have some monthly requirement, possibly parties, and selling.  That all takes time, but if you see yourself loving the work and the product and, most importantly, the money, then go for it.  Because, understand, the work that you will put into the job or business will take you away from your family or friends, so be sure to love it and love the money, too.

I find that most people are uncomfortable with the following items.  Be sure to consider each of them for a match between the business opp or job and you.  Are you ok with:
  • selling
  • prospecting
  • parties
  • inventories
  • quotas
  • money ($100s a month or $1000s per month)

Be clear on what you want and you will find the right solution.   See youself in the new life working from home.  Does it include parties and the like?  What is the new life like?  Be clear and be passionate.

All the best for your success!

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