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Virtual assistants can help your business succeed

There are plenty of reasons to hire one

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You would have to live under a rock to not hear about the latest craze that is spanning the globe: virtual assistants.  With the economic outlook diminishing, and more and more companies working with fewer employees, businesses are flocking to find the right virtual assistant for their team.  The need is simple:  Someone who can do the work virtually, professionally, and confidentially.

Virtual assistants are highly skilled professionals working as independent contractors from their home offices. Virtual assistants use leading edge technology to communicate work assignments via the Internet, email, or disk transfer. Traditional methods such as regular mail and overnight shipping are also used. While most Virtual Assistants will never meet their clients, it is not unusual to find a VA providing pickup and delivery service in their local area. Many have found success in having a combination local and virtual clients. And what is even more impressive is that most virtual assistants now realize the amazing power of the Internet and their client base spans globally.

The ultimate goal of virtual assistants is to partner with their clients. By partnering, the VA learns all they can about their clients’ business to become a trusted and valued member of the team -- an extension of their organization. At the same time, the VA only charges for time on tasks so it ultimately saves the client in overhead expenses while affording them the necessary time to take care of more business.

A perfect example of a client/VA partnership is the sole proprietor, let’s say a consultant who charges $300 an hour for his services. The consultant is spending time each week preparing presentations and teleseminars, rummaging through paperwork, marketing his business, keeping up with the social networks, generating mailings and sorting through the tons of email he gets on a weekly basis. Since the consultant is doing this work himself he is paying $300 an hour for these services when, in reality, it would benefit him to partner with a VA at a rate of $40 to $95 per hour (depending on specialty)  and save tons of money a year. Plus, he could be generating more revenue because he would have more time available for doing what he does best -- consulting. See how it works?

In addition to the financial rewards for the client, the following list reinforces other areas clients benefit when working with a virtual assistant.

1.) Personalized attention: The virtual assistant works one-on-one with clients and often knows their clients’ business better than they do. That personalized attention allows clients to keep things under control and more organized and often relieves the pressure of having to do it all and remember it all.  How great would it feel to just say to your VA, "Please handle this for me" and know that it would get done.

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