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Proposal for working from home

Sample proposal for requesting teleworking with your manager

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Want to work from home but don't know how to ask your manager?  Consider giving a written proposal in addition to an oral presentation.  By doing both, you make sure your manager knows you are serious about making a successful teleworking arrangement.  Below is a sample proposal that you can use to start the dialogue for telecommuting.


Employee's Name:

Supervisor's Name:

I, __________ am requesting to telecommute ____ days per week at __________ as __________ beginning on _____. The schedule I would desire for telecommuting is: every _____.

The advantages of my telecommuting include the following:
  • Reduced real estate costs (rent, expansion, relocation)
  • Increased competitiveness (extended customer service hours, flexible recruitment tools, global hiring pool, decreased overhead, improved technology and communication)
  • Increased productivity as I no longer will have to commute _____ minutes each way to the office on the telecommuting days
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased morale and employee satisfaction
  • Reductions in air pollution and employment opportunities for disabled applicants can create a "good neighbor" image that enhances business
  • ___________

Potential impact of my telecommuting on my department may include the following (e.g. impact on operations/work flow, potential advantages, potential disadvantages):
  • Availability for face-time on my three days in the office
  • Shift from face-time to virtual availability on email, phone, and instant messenger
  • No change in job description or job duties
  • Based on my job description, these tasks could easily transition to telecommuting without any impact to the team: __________
  • __________

My alternative work site is: __________ (a spare bedroom with door away from most family activity that is well ventilated, has good lighting, many electrical outlets, phone jack, high-speed internet access, etc.)

Equipment I would need from this department would include:
  • Laptop
  • Docking station
  • Cell phone or additional phone line
  • __________

Equipment I already own and am willing to use includes:
  • Monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • Desk and an ergonomic chair
  • Printer
  • __________

My expectations from the department to support me in telecommuting are to provide the equipment listed above as well as a portion of my home high-speed internet charge, all business related cell-phone charges, and __________.

My expectations for supervision are: __________ (e.g. frequency, how work would be reviewed).

I would like to review my telecommuting agreement in 90 days to determine its effectiveness on my job performance.

Thank you for your consideration.

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