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Three kinds of extra income: What works best for you?

Finding the right type of supplemental income for your situation

by MyHomeCottageBiz -- Clare Willi  |  2453 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

In searching out extra income for your family, we suggest searching for jobs that are different from your current understanding of "work." We split the types of revenue that are brought in to three types of non-standard work income, none of which pay our daily expenses, but are purely for the "extras."

1.) Sporadic income. Jobs that pop up every now and then, run their courses, then end, are sources of sporadic income. These are often found in a newspaper or Craig’s List listing or through contacts who know you are available. For example, a friend who runs a Kettle Corn stall may need help during the ball game season. You may find a job that you can fit into your schedule and find out you like it. I worked putting miles on a car and taking down certain information from a recording device. When we reach the necessary miles, the job is over, but they call me again when new cars come in.

2.) Seasonal income jobs may be full-time or part-time work during a particular time of year. Your area may have a local fair that lasts several weeks, for example, or you may do work according to the school schedules (we deliver flowers for certain holidays for a nearby flower delivery shop). These jobs can be counted on every time the appropriate season returns, but its limitations are constrained by the length of the season.

3.) Part-time income. Finally we look at part-time work that provides a residual income. Many people own rental properties that take a limited amount of time to tend to, but provide an income above the mortgage. There are many opportunities for residual income through various work-at-home opportunities. Some are pyramid schemes where the only people who make money are those who started with the company, however, there are numerous opportunities with legitimate business, direct-to-consumer companies, or some well-known home-party programs. These programs are effective if they match with your personality, if you understand the compensation program, and especially if you feel a connection with the person who enrolled you. Do you like the products? That is the most important question. Are the products consumable; do people need these products on a regular basis? That is important to allow for repeat customers.

Do your research in checking out business opportunities. But this is America where opportunities land at your doorstep every day; it is up to you to find them and use them to create the success you desire in your life.

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Clare Willis is the owner of, a website dedicated providing supplemental income ideas for families. She is a homeschooling mother of four who has been working from home for more than 10 years.

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