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Some helpful tips for mompreneurs

Eight ways to help moms who are working at home

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4.) Mom networks. Tap into online communities for moms that allow you to share ideas, network, and gain support. I've just recently discovered Work It, Mom! and it's a breath of fresh air. I love that it's targeted to moms. There are many other online communities you can tap into as well -- too many to mention here. Be careful how much time you spend though. While you need an outlet and these communities are a great place for support, information and relationship building, make sure to monitor how much time you spend and how much value you're gaining.

5.) Find support. Running your own business can be a big challenge and it's best if you don't have to do it all alone. There are support systems out there that you can tap into. Social networking sites are a great place to learn and connect with others. If you're in network marketing, chances are you have an upline or team you can turn to for support. You can also seek the support and advice of a coach.

6.) Office space. Explaining to a young child that you can't be disturbed during certain times is very difficult and will need repeating. If you have an office, close your door and put a sign on the door handle. You can get your child to help you make the sign so they really understand what it means. When setting up your home office, if you don't have a dedicated room, then find somewhere in your house that has the least amount of traffic and the fewest distractions.

7.) Get your kids involved. Explain what you do to your kids and why you do it. Find small tasks they can do to help you with your business. For instance, have your child punch holes in your papers and organize them in a binder for you. Set goals that your child can understand and get excited about. For instance, when you reach a certain goal, you will take them to Disneyland (for a really big goal) or to the park (for a smaller goal).

8.) Take a break. In order to avoid burnout, set aside work-free time. A well-timed breather can be extremely restorative and give you the energy boost you need. Taking care of yourself, including your mental and physical health, is one of the best things you can do for your business.

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Cindy Schulson is a mom of 2 boys who left the corporate world and has been working at home with her own business for 5 years. She loves coaching other moms with a special focus on internet marketing and career coaching. Visit her blog at and get a free ebook about 12 key issues for any home business to address. You can also reach her via skype (cindyschulson), twitter ( or Facebook(

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  • Wow, great advice! Thanks! I will use some of these tips if not all of them!

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