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Use your computer to organize your family

Simple, affordable software programs are already installed on your home computer!

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Organize your home and family life in minutes a day using simple, affordable software programs already installed on your home computer! Keeping track of all the things that need to be done around the house is a never-ending project. As soon as one item is completed, you’re thinking about when it needs to be done again, not to mention tackling the next task to be crossed off on your list.

You may find that the most valuable resource to help keep your home clean, uncluttered and thoroughly organized cannot be found in the broom closet, under the sink, or in the garage. It’s in your computer!

In today’s computer age, there are hundreds of software programs available to help you maintain organization of your life and home. However, using simple, affordable tools that may already be installed on your home computer, you can create to do lists and set reminders for yourself and other family members so no chore or maintenance task slips through the cracks.

For keeping your home organized, some of the best tools on your computer can be found in contact managers, e-mail programs, spreadsheet creators, and text editors. Use these programs to make lists of tasks to be completed for today, next week, next month, and next year.

Contact management software can be downloaded from the internet, or you may find you already have a program like this installed on your computer.  A computerized contact manager is an excellent place to store valuable notes and contact information about insurance agents, interior designers, contractors, plumbers, auto mechanics, landscapers, friends, family, and more! Don’t lose an important number or e-mail address when you can have it stored in your computer, ready at a moment’s notice!

Most computers also come equipped with a default e-mail program. Even if you don’t use this program to send e-mail, you can use it to create calendars, task lists, and reminders for yourself. Add other users to this program, such as spouses and children, so that each person can see what tasks they have been assigned to complete. Check the program’s help function to find out the best ways to use the calendar and reminder features.

Spreadsheets are well known for keeping even the most complicated data organized. You can create a very simple spreadsheet in just a few minutes to keep a list of items that need to be completed around the home. One of the best features of a spreadsheet is the ability to sort each column chronologically or alphabetically so that you can quickly organize what needs to be done next. You can also create multiple sheets within one spreadsheet and name them for certain months or seasons so that future tasks, such as changing the smoke alarm batteries or applying lawn fertilizer in the fall, won’t be overlooked when the time comes.

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Wendy Bishop is a co-creator of Task Impact, the simple software program for creating home to-do lists. Download the Free Trial at Home Organization Software.

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