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The hottest affordable toys for the holidays

Your children will not be disappointed!

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8.) Of course, the Bella Sara cards continue with Baby Bella Trading cards. These new cards show the beautiful foals and the teacher cards reveal to the caretakers how to help the babies learn and grow online. Priced from $3.99 to $14.99.

9.) It is harder in the 9+ age to find affordable items as well as games that will keep your kids interest (I know, I have 3 of my own). As the kids get older they are really into high tech and high performance, but there are some great board games on the market and, more than anything, they really encourage teamwork and bring the family together. The new Monopoly ($34.99) is an old favorite with some new twists -- and you won’t see Park Place on this set. The new Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition set includes favorite cities voted on by five million people worldwide. Harry Potter Clue ($24.99) is another great board game based on the popular books and movies.

Remember that the prices I list are retailers suggested prices, but shop around, the discounting has already begun.

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