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5 ways to take back your power

What do we do in these tough economic times?

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Recently I was a guest on a teleseminar for a Jill Badonsky training program for creativity coaches. It was a terrific call about how attraction energy meets smart business actions. These coaches want a new way of doing business -- one that honors their creative expression and right brain approach AND they are ready for more financial success in their businesses! We were a fit made in heaven -- or soul sisters as one coach put it!

One of the questions that came up is an issue I'm working with almost all of my clients on too. What do I do in these "tough economic times"?

Many of us have been affected by the current economic cycle either directly or indirectly. Almost all of us have been affected by the media and the crisis headlines repeatedly escalating the "fear factor" and anxiety on us constantly.

I truly believe that what you focus on today you create tomorrow. We are powerful energetic beings. Where we place our attention -- on our thoughts, feelings, words and actions have an impact on what shows up in our lives.

In addition to knowing our powerfulness in our spiritual energetic side, I also believe in our practical action-oriented side. Blending the two together will have you grounded in practicality and keep your energy focused on what you really want instead of what you are afraid of getting.

Here are five strategies to help you manage your energy and hold your focus on what your really want to attract and act upon in your business.

1.) Back away from the TV! Everywhere we look there is a television -- the airport, restaurants, home and even the elevator. It's up to you to take control. Stop being a victim to random TV listening and watching crisis headlines over and over, all the while letting the intensity of the messages seep into your body. Unrestricted and unaware you will find that your body is tensing up, your breathing becomes shallow and your energy is constricted. You can't create a successful business from this place -- at least, it's not easy to.

You are in charge. Make a choice! Turn away, leave, ask to change the channel and by all means be selective about your own TV!

Create life-enhancing and nurturing habits. Look at your favorite news site for three minutes during the day. That's it! Set a timer if you have to so you don't get drawn in. Catch up on what's happening so you feel informed and then click off. This way you will know what's happening (like a storm is coming) but you don't have to dwell in all the negativity.

2.) Don't buy into the panic. Notice the words and stories you share with others. Are you perpetuating the panic by sharing stories of long gas lines, re-living negative news stories, and watching for which business is closing, etc.? If this is where your mind is focused you will attract more stories to support your belief that the sky is falling. And let me tell you, it's really hard to "push" yourself to complete a project or attract new clients when you feel helpless and hopeless. Protect your energy and the environment around you -- even if that means walking away from negative spiraling conversations.

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