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The best networking for busy business moms

Discovering the heart of networking

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Why is networking important for women attempting to grow a business or any kind? Because I have learned that it is not just "what you know" and "who you know" that really matters when you are trying to grow and expand your business, but now there is an even more important component in growing a successful business and that is "who knows you?"

I know Brad Pitt but he doesn't know me from Adam, therefore in this world of over exposure, it is more important than ever that we get exposure ourselves. The important question that we should be asking ourselves is "Who knows us?" Who admires us, trust us, believes in us and is talking about us to others?" That is called word of mouth advertising and it still remains the most powerful form of advertising that exists.

That is what The Heart Link Network is all about. It is a female networking organization that is built on the female endocrine system. It is relaxed, informal, intimate, and FUN! It allows women to really get to know one another, build relationships that are lasting and enables women to truly showcase the business they love.

The Heart Link Network was launched in April 2008 and grew to over 100 locations in 28 states its first 120 days, all by word of mouth. Women love it. If you want to be known in your community as an advocate for women in business, if you want to be know as a leader of women, if you want your business to be on the lips of everyone you know, The Heart Link Network is the best networking and marketing tool available for women today. 

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