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Passionate about kids consignment!

It changed my life and my career

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As a working mom, I am always looking for ways to work less, make more, and carve out precious time for my family and me. As a single mother, I put myself through both a Bachelors and Masters degree, while working any part-time jobs I could find -- in addition to my fulltime job. So, I guess you could say that I know how to work!

But, after years of working harder and harder, I finally realized that I needed to work smarter. I started saying “no” when my calendar was already full. I had a light bulb moment when I realized that I don’t have to save the world, just do what I can every day to the best of my abilities. I also discovered a wonderful resource that every mom should know about: Just Between Friends.

I found Just Between Friends when I was planning my youngest sister’s baby shower. She gave me a LONG list of items that she needed and then told me about a wonderful children’s consignment event in the next town. I’d never been to a consignment sale, but thought I would check it out -- and I was so glad that I did.

After going to their website and finding my sale, I signed up to volunteer because I love a great bargain as much as I like a good chocolate or a long back rub. In fact, I have a “great deal dance” I do when I find an amazing deal -- just imagine what a quarterback does after making a touchdown (except with style and grace). Then, I showed up at Just Between Friends and had one of those “angels-singing-horns-blasting-revelation-moments!”

The sale was so well organized, with beautiful signage, colorful bins and neatly displayed clothing racks. Oh, did I mention that I am an organizer extraordinaire? It’s how I am able to do so many things and do them without going bald from pulling out my own hair. As the clouds parted in my busy brain, things started clicking as I ogled the neat rows of movies and books, the tons of toys and two overflowing rooms of baby equipment and literally every last thing on my sister’s baby shower list. My total, including a new crib mattress (still in the plastic), the Classic Winnie-the-Pooh nursery set and the cool stroller she had asked for, was right at $300.

A bargain at twice that price! I was in heaven. I ran into several moms I knew and also met some new ladies while volunteering at the event that I am now proud to call friends. But, more than that, I loved the Just Between Friends concept and wanted to be a part of something I could be passionate about that was a fountain in my life, not a drain.

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Michelle has a bachelors degree in Journalism/Mass Communications and a Masters degree in International Human Relations.

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