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Happiness is real

Keep an eye out for simple pleasures

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Happiness need no longer be an illusion. It can be as real as the earth we stand on. Still, if we seek happiness directly, we will not find it. It's important to do the activities that will make us happy. In a recent article it was reported that the "simple" pleasures are what lead to genuine happiness.

Winning the lottery does not compare to hanging out with friends. An immediate rush will occur from winning the lottery, or getting a job you want, or buying a car you desire. But, the daily pleasures seem to be what leads to happiness. And, of course, it's important to be moderate in these pleasures. Too much of a good thing will turn it bad.

In our rushed lives, with ever increasing stresses, making sure simple pleasures occur can be an enormous challenge. Often, having a buddy to remind you to tune in to the easy to obtain joys of life can be a huge help.

Sometimes scheduling enjoyable activities into your life will do the trick. It may seem counterintuitive to schedule pleasure. But, in busy lives it's often necessary to schedule activities to be sure they get done. Why not, then, put time into your schedule for pleasure? Write it right into your calendar.

Likely we don't need to go over the list of activities that give you pleasure. If you're overly stressed you probably know what you wish you could do. Recently I took a yoga class, and loved it. I had been wanting to do this for at least two years and somehow could not find the time. Now that I've experienced such great satisfaction I'm making sure to put yoga on my weekly calendar.

Once you start paying attention to activities you really enjoy, you're likely to realize that you feel both emotionally and physically better when you do them. Often it's difficult to make that first step into the place of happiness. We get so used to the routines of our lives. But the rewards to be experienced from making that first step will keep you moving forward. See them, feel them, and definitely believe in them.

Maybe you're already doing activities that give you pleasure, but for some reason you're not doing enough of them. You may even be telling yourself that you don't have time in your busy life to have more pleasure. But, happiness need not be a choice if you're willing to take the leap of altering your habits. It's a tough decision because we become used to our lives as they are. But, once we make the leap we can as well become used to the new habits of happiness.

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This brief article talks about some of the gratitude techniques that have been developed over the course of doing research into the topic of happiness. It as well discusses why gratitude activities are important to include in your life.

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